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GLASOFLEX« 251.42 (DELBOND« 54240)



General description:

Glasoflex« 251.42 consists of glass cloth coated on both sides with an epoxy resin in B-stage.


Glasoflex« 251.42 is mainly used as separator for inter-turn consolidation of copper stator bars conductors. Glasoflex« 251.42 can also be used for salient poles insulation purposes.

Form of delivery:

Glasoflex« 251.42 might be delivered in 50m standard full width rolls ( ca 1030 mm wide ) or as tape from 20 mm on .

Main characteristics:

Glasoflex« 251.42 is a "B" stage material with excellent electrical and bonding characteristics. Please note that the product is supplied with an interleaving foil which must be removed before appl ication.


To obtain optimal insulation and bonding characteristics, GlasofleX« 251.42 has to be pressed at 160░C during minimum 30 minutes.

Shelf life:

Min. shelf life at 25░C: 3 months Min. shelf life at 5░C: 9 months

Health and safety:         

While processing Glasoflex« 251.42 we recommend to follow all hygiene and safety standards.


-High resin content

-Excellent bonding characteristics




Test norm

Pressed thickness


0,23 ▒ 0, 03




0,50 ▒0,10

lEC 60626-2

Resin content


410 ▒ 30


Glass fabric


230 ▒ 10

lEC 60626-2

Thermal class



lEC 60085

Total weight


640 ▒ 40

lEC 60626-2










The product properties set forth in this data sheet are based on the results of testing of typical material produced by the affiliated companies of World Industry. (underneath referred as World Industry). Some variation in product properties is typical. Comments or suggestions relating to any subject other than product properties are offered only to call the end-user's or other person's attention to considerations which may be relevant in the independent determination of the use and/or manner of use of product. World Industry does not claim or warrant that the use of its product will have the results described in this data sheet or that the information provided is complete, accurate or useful. The user should test the product to determine its properties and its suitability for the intended use. World Industry expressly disclaims any liability for any damage, harm, injury, cost or expense to any person resulting directly or indirectly from that person's reliance on any information contained in this data sheet. Nothing contained in this data sheet constitutes representation or warranty as to any matter whatsoever. World Industry makes no warranties whatsoever in this data sheet, expressed or implied, including any implied warranty or fitness for a particular use or purpose. World Industry shall in no event be liable for incidental, exemplary, punitive or consequential damages.



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